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  Whimzy Tees features clothing that boasts vintage art, contrasting patterns, and a chic-global aesthetic that transcends the ordinary. The garments feature color-rich graphics and adventuresome patterns reminiscent of great artistic movements, illustrators, and artists of bygone eras. Their clothing lines reflect a bold aesthetic intended for free-spirited fashionistas…the Rockstar types. 

THS Select



 THS Select is an off-shoot of That Hoody Shop (THS). THS caters to the urban millennial who prefers casual unisex attire like hoodies and joggers paired with a unique denim jacket or layers of flannel and a tee. We call it “street casual with flair.” The shoes we now design are meant to complement this style…this mood. Sometimes it’s best to start with a great shoe and coordinate an outfit around it. 

Alive Shoes



 Anita, the founder of Mina Baddour, wanted to give her shoe line the launch it deserves. To that end, she looked for an experienced footwear manufacturer and found it in Alive Shoes. Alive's founder has more than two decades of industry experience that includes manufacturing, logistics, a network of reputable suppliers, and more.